Civil Engineering, Land Use Planning, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture

Pioneer Design Group, Inc., located in Portland, Oregon, provides civil engineering, land use planning, land surveying, landscape architecture and development services.


Founded in 2003, PDG  employs engineering, technical, and administrative staff. PDG is licensed in Oregon and Washington, and through the NCEES records program, are able to obtain licensure within other states in short order.


Our civil engineering, land use planningland surveying and landscape architecture departments provide full-services for all types and sizes of private/public land development projects including those that are residential, commercial, industrial and mixed use in nature.  


We take pride in our ability to meet demanding schedules and to provide clients with cost-effective, constructable solutions. Our operational procedures and the active participation of principals, help us to maintain our high standards in the design and production of construction documents. Our highly qualified project teams are dedicated to providing accurate, innovative, expeditious, and cost-effective solutions to our client's engineering and land use needs. PDG is backed by the latest design tools and a winning attitude to carry out our projects successfully.


Such a philosophy demands that we:

  • Are responsive to our clients needs and prepared to meet schedules at all times.
  • Provide clear and thorough construction documents that can stand-alone during construction.
  • Evaluate the success of our service to clients by the reduction in project costs and improvements in constructability.

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